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Thank You Letter ::

by colleen lynn.

What a great site. Here in California, there was another deadly pit bull attack and a two-year-old boy is dead. I am sick of the cover-up regarding this breed. I am tired of hearing all the excuses for why pits are not to be blamed. You do an excellent and important job, and it is time we stood up to fanatics who continue to defend this breed.
I am a dog lover. I have always owned dogs, and understand how much they become a member of the family. That said, children are more important than a breed of dog. The pro-pit bull campaign has been effective, so much so that non-pit owners do not speak out, fearful that the will appear bigoted. They also believe the ridiculous “nanny dog” rhetoric. The lack of sensitivity towards victims is often stunning.
Your site is an oasis of sanity, and I am grateful it exists. Please, keep doing this important work so that eventually common sense wins out and legislation is enacted to protect our children, adults and pets from predatory dogs. Deepest thanks and appreciation, – Renee, California

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Comments ::

by colleen lynn.

Part of letter published to the comment section of Essay of a Fatal Pit Bull Mauling. View essay to read full letter.

Thanks again for publishing this essay, and for shedding light on all victims of these attacks … I wanted to commend the people involved with your site for providing the public with undeniable evidence of the organizations and supposed “credible” sources who disguise themselves as canine behavioral experts in order to manipulate and distort facts designed to deceive the public, as well as to thank you for exploiting the overwhelming fallacies presented by pit bull advocacy groups. I also enjoyed hearing about the politicians and animal rights activists who wish to eliminate the amount maulings and fatalities associated with the breed, as well as the shelters and rescues who are not seeking to promote higher adoption rates or misinformation about pit bulls, but are instead striving to reach the day when there are no more pit bulls around to enter their doors. – Anonymous

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Founder Responds to Court of Appeals Ruling on CBS This Morning

by colleen lynn.

“In Maryland now, if your pit bull bites, negligence no longer needs to be proven. Under the ruling, not just pit bull owners, but landlords who have the dogs living on their property are now liable for their actions … Colleen Lynn, who runs an education website about dangerous dogs called, wrote a brief to the Maryland court supporting the decision. She told CBS News, “When they attack, they don’t stop. This is what ends up killing people. Pit bulls are the top killing dog breed.”

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Announcement: High Court Rules in Favor of Pit Bull Attack Victims

by colleen lynn.

Maryland Court of Appeals Holds Pit Bull Owners and Landlords Accountable After an Attack
Baltimore, MD – In January, announced our filing of an amicus brief in a landmark Maryland appeals case, Tracey v. Solesky, in hopes of expanding more liability out to landlords when a tenant’s pit bull attacks. The case involves the parents of a young boy seeking damages for injuries inflicted by a pit bull owned by a landlord’s tenant. Also at issue is the “dangerousness” of pit bulls being “well-recognized,” as determined in the 1998 case, Matthews v. Amberwood.

In Matthews, the Court of Appeals of Maryland ruled in a 4-3 vote that the landlord could have taken steps to abate the danger of a pit bull kept by a tenant when the landlord knew of the dog’s presence and was aware of the dog’s dangerousness. It was our hope that the Solesky opinion would expand Matthews further. On April 26, 2012, the Court of Appeals, in another 4-3 vote, did expand it and with great clarity by attaching strict liability when a pit bull or pit bull-cross attacks.

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Thank You Letter :: Colleen Lynn

by colleen lynn.

Dear Colleen Lynn,
As the parents of a child who endured a disfiguring near-death mauling by a pit bull terrier, I can’t begin to express my gratitude by your founding A lifelong dog enthusiast myself, I have also been concerned when mans best friend is bred to the extremes. That concern was realized in the nightmare our innocent 10-year old son endured — the carnage an extremely ill bred dog can bring. My interest in both animals, dogs in particular, and my love for children moved me to public protection and victims’ advocacy. I have been involved and often relied upon for guidance in the criminal and civil aspects of our ongoing ordeal that began over four years ago. Throughout this time and currently, I again rely upon you and the information collected on to compel public officials to see that this issue is not one of dog owners rights, but one that is a monolithic public health, welfare and safety threat … [Read full letter]

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Announcement: Amicus Brief Filing

by colleen lynn.

Pit Bull Attack Victims May Have New Hope to Recover from Landlords After Maulings files amicus brief in landmark appeals case that hopes to expand liability out to landlords when a tenant’s pit bull attacks. Personal injury attorneys may soon have a new argument in their tool chest and landlords may have new concerns., a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks, announces amicus brief filing in Solesky v. Tracey, recently argued in the Court of Appeals of Maryland. The case involves the parents of a young boy seeking damages for injuries inflicted by a pit bull owned by a landlord’s tenant. Using a new legal theory, the plaintiff hopes to uphold that landlords may be liable when a tenant’s pit bull attacks a person.

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(September Term 2011 / 01-09-12)