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Thank You Comment :: Colleen Lynn

by colleen lynn.

Congratulations for taking an active part in informing the uninformed of both the dangers of these dogs and the profound effect on victims of attacks … Colleen Lynn you are doing a great job, as this is and will continue to be a growing concern. One look at the photos of victims, particularly children, should be enough to convince anyone. – Bruce D.

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Prevention is Key

by colleen lynn.

Founder Colleen Lynn weighs in on the Baillieu government’s recent crackdown on dangerous dog breeds (See: related post):

“We don’t know which one is going to go off — nice pit bulls kill their owners. We do not say that every pit bull is born vicious. We do say every pit bull is born with a dangerous tool set. If they decide to go off they’re going to inflict serious damage,” Lynn says.

“It’s not a simple problem — we want to stop people getting attacked and having hundreds and thousands of dollars of medical bills that pit bull owner is never ever going to be able to afford because of the specific damage that dog breed inflicts. We’ve got to take some preventative measures.

“Who it impacts and what it takes to enforce is complex, there’s no question about that, but we’re trying to prevent humans from being maimed. There’s way too much of that going on and we know which dog breed is doing the vast majority of it.” – The Age, Good Dog, Bad Dog, Dec. 7, 2011