Thank You Letter: “For your time, your research and candid honesty” ,thank you letter
March 18, 2016

Thank you for your website, for the truth it bares, for the courage it took to put it there. Even as tough as I am, I can’t stand up to the hurricane of insanity around these dogs. Thank you for your time, your research and candid honesty. You’re an inspiration. Reading your site gave me the courage to write this all down, the first time I have ever done so. As a dog trainer I have to take tremendous criticism when I refuse to handle these dogs now. Their owners are the cruelest nastiest people I have ever encountered. Especially when someone tells them their dogs are not angels and they should expect nothing but what they are getting after they come begging a trainer for help so their dog can play at dog parks or stop trying to kill cats or children. I understand how irrationally hateful the lovers of these dogs can be, and how hard, as a victim of the breed, life is after you have been attacked by one. I raise my lighter to your story, to your website. | Read full letter » – Retired Professional Dog Trainer of 25+ Years

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