Thank You Letter :: “For the effort and critical thought” ,thank you letter
March 15, 2015

I would like to thank you for the effort and critical thought you have put into your website. I own a pit bull that recently angrily snapped at my 13-month-old daughter just for invading the dog’s space. Luckily, the dog did not actually bite and my daughter was not harmed in any way. Thanks to your site, I will be removing the dog from my home as soon as possible without regret or hesitation. I will sleep easier now that I never have to worry about it potentially injuring my daughter. My wife and I adopted the dog several years ago from a local shelter after reading the pit bull propaganda, seeing the shows on TV, etc. Your website has made me realize that the continued ownership of these dogs is both highly dangerous to humans and cruel to the animals themselves who have been bred and domesticated for nothing more than personal entertainment. If a food or prescription had the same fatality and injury rate as pit bulls do, it would be banned instantly by the FDA. – Jason, New York

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