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February 20, 2015

Dear Colleen Lynn,
I just read the “Not Normal Dog Owners” section on this website, and it is absolutely straight on. I completely agree about these owners being psychologically different in their relationships with their dangerous dog breed than other dog owners too … Recently a pit bull in my area — adopted by the victim’s family from an unnamed rescue 7 months earlier — attacked and killed an 87-year old man as he lay on the floor taking down his Christmas tree. He was still being attacked when police arrived after receiving a 911 call from someone else in the home. I was once again horrified by the flood of people immediately advocating for the dog, while blaming the victim. I saw everything from, “the man was old and possibly mean” to “who knows how the poor dog had been treated before” to, “there must be more to this story, pit bulls don’t attack for no reason.” There was also an outpouring of photos of infants and children with their pit bull dogs, to “prove” that their dogs are gentle as lambs. I have to say, it’s horrible to think about what that poor man went through for possibly 20 minutes or more, and I seemed to be one of very few to even think about this… [Read full letter]

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