Barbara Kay :: Cuts to the Chase

Barbara Kay
May 12, 2014

Courageous columnist Barbara Kay of the National Post cuts to the chase:

But biting isn’t the issue here, is it. Every time I write a column bashing pit bulls, I get that same mantra many times over: “All dogs bite.” Of course they do, but if Cali Leclair had been merely “bitten,” she might have needed a few stitches at most; she certainly wouldn’t be in hospital with a mangled face. What happened to Cali Leclair was a maiming. So the question for Ottawa: Is “any dog” – well-trained or not – capable of a “mauling,” a “maiming,” a “dismemberment” or a “dogbite-related fatality”? These are the categories that constitute public safety hazards, not dog bites. – Barbara Kay