Thank You Letter :: Colleen Lynn “You have created the absolute best resource”

colleen lynn ,thank you letter
January 5, 2014

Dear Colleen Lynn,
Thank you so much for your tireless efforts on Through your work, you have created the absolute best resource of pit bull and vicious dog information on the internet. I, myself, have not been a victim of a dog attack, but I came to understand the nature of pit bulls earlier this year when a young child in my town was brutally attacked and killed by one in a home where he should have felt safe. When I heard of the attack, I was rightly outraged and full of questions around why someone would choose a pit bull over one of the hundreds of other breeds much less likely to maim a child. I went to the Internet searching for answers and made the mistake of trying to have a civil conversation on a pit bull message board. When I asked why anyone would choose a pit bull, I was immediately attacked as hateful, uninformed, and treated as if I was evil… [Read in full]

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