Thank You Letter :: “Your site is an oasis of sanity” ,thank you letter
September 28, 2013

What a great site. Here in California, there was another deadly pit bull attack and a two-year-old boy is dead. I am sick of the cover-up regarding this breed. I am tired of hearing all the excuses for why pits are not to be blamed. You do an excellent and important job, and it is time we stood up to fanatics who continue to defend this breed.
I am a dog lover. I have always owned dogs, and understand how much they become a member of the family. That said, children are more important than a breed of dog. The pro-pit bull campaign has been effective, so much so that non-pit owners do not speak out, fearful that the will appear bigoted. They also believe the ridiculous “nanny dog” rhetoric. The lack of sensitivity towards victims is often stunning.
Your site is an oasis of sanity, and I am grateful it exists. Please, keep doing this important work so that eventually common sense wins out and legislation is enacted to protect our children, adults and pets from predatory dogs. Deepest thanks and appreciation, – Renee, California

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