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August 13, 2013

Part of letter published to the comment section of Essay of a Fatal Pit Bull Mauling. View essay to read full letter.

Thanks again for publishing this essay, and for shedding light on all victims of these attacks … I wanted to commend the people involved with your site for providing the public with undeniable evidence of the organizations and supposed “credible” sources who disguise themselves as canine behavioral experts in order to manipulate and distort facts designed to deceive the public, as well as to thank you for exploiting the overwhelming fallacies presented by pit bull advocacy groups. I also enjoyed hearing about the politicians and animal rights activists who wish to eliminate the amount maulings and fatalities associated with the breed, as well as the shelters and rescues who are not seeking to promote higher adoption rates or misinformation about pit bulls, but are instead striving to reach the day when there are no more pit bulls around to enter their doors. – Anonymous

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