Thank You Letter :: Colleen Lynn “You are a powerful somebody”

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September 6, 2012

Pit bull advocacy fails to realize that the people who speak out for regulation of dangerous dogs, the people they characterize as “haters” are just ordinary folks who probably had no thoughts on pit bulls one way or another. Until, and this is the key point, they became victims of the violence. We pretty much all say the same thing after our attack “nobody should have to go through this, somebody should do something.” It comes to us that we are the “somebody” and we demand regulation. Ms. Biniaz is a high profile somebody, and she is courageous to use her status to focus attention on the maulings. Emma’s parents are somebody, the Soleskys are somebody. Every parent, and every pet or livestock owner who contacts legislators to demand action, they are somebody, every one of them. Colleen Lynn is a powerful somebody, she shines a light on the need to regulate a known danger. Thank you Colleen and thank you Miss Canada! – april 29

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