Thank You Letter :: Colleen Lynn “absolutely first rate research”

colleen lynn ,thank you letter
August 23, 2012

Dear Colleen Lynn,
First of all, your site does absolutely first rate research. Without your findings, when I had my pit bull moment, I would have been rudderless in a sea of inequity. For a non-profit to do the kind of work you do, informing people like myself about the grave realities of that breed, it’s really gratifying to see your growth and I’m really happy to give witness to your effectiveness in the battle against a true public safety menace.

My story:
One year ago I had a family move in next door to mine with what appeared to me to be some sort of Pit Bull mix. The dog was a female about 80 lbs. and just over one year old. I voiced concern with the owner, as I have a wife, 4 year-old boy, and infant daughter. After all, we shared common areas, the same fence dividing our property in the back, a car port, and our doors were roughly 5 feet apart in a town home association. I was assured that the animal had no Pit Bull blood and was friendly with children. However, I had been advised by a good friend that the breed was nothing to take lightly, pure bred or not, so I started to search the Internet. When I found your site, I couldn’t believe the back log of devastation the pit bull breed… [Read full letter]

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