Thank You Letter :: Colleen Lynn “for your commitment to protecting innocent lives”

colleen lynn ,thank you letter
June 11, 2012

Dear Colleen Lynn,
I want to thank you for your commitment to protecting innocent lives from the dangerous pit bull breed.
During my lifetime, I have witnessed 3 separate unrelated pit bull attacks. I witnessed these attacks over a 30 year period. In each case, the animal’s owners were completely shocked that their pet was capable of such an act of violence. I am now 50 years of age, and I am still frightened to go for walks in my neighborhood. These animals are inherently dangerous, and we should ALL have the right to feel safe in our community. I must say that I am shocked and appalled by the level of complete denial of facts and statistics that is demonstrated by the pit bull “advocates”. I absolutely believe that your diligence has saved lives, and with the thoughtful consideration of our elected and appointed officials, I believe that many more lives will be spared. – Mary E., Texas

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