Thank You Letter :: Colleen Lynn “Communities with strength rise to the occasion”

colleen lynn ,thank you letter
May 22, 2012

Dear Colleen Lynn,
Thank you for over four years of long hours, creativity and resourcefulness, which were all necessary to fulfill your commitment to preventing dangerous dog attacks. You have accomplished so much during this period, and the tide is beginning to turn in your favor, meaning more people are listening and paying attention to your information and how they can both protect themselves from an attack, and work in their communities to prevent attacks.
Each community is so different, with various resources, and often creative solutions to this problem. Communities with strength rise to the occasion. Communities without this strength will continue to suffer from attacks from dangerous dog attacks. We are all one in attempting to resolve these issues, and are moving forward together in a more cohesive manner, as the public understands your message.
Many blessings to you for all your heartfelt work and compassion for others.
– Susanne, Texas

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