The Future of Righthaven?

colleen lynn ,copyrights ,social activism
December 30, 2011

Response to questions from My Consumer Electronics regarding the future of Righthaven LLC:

“Righthaven LLC tends to mimic the ancient Phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s unclear what will result from the current and upcoming intellectual property auctions and high stakes legal maneuvers.

I would like to see the domain name ( contain an archive of incredibly useful and up to date information about the ongoing convergence of copyrights and the Internet, particularly pertaining to slim-funded bloggers and non-profit websites.

I’m not sure what’s next for the blog. It imagine it will take some time until Steven Gibson is disbarred. Until that day, the blog will continue to march on. Current and future Gibson-type lawyers need a strong deterrent if choosing to follow his path.

Disbarment is a sufficient deterrent.”
Colleen Lynn
Founder of Righthaven Victims