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Barbara Kay :: Cuts to the Chase

by colleen lynn.

Courageous columnist Barbara Kay of the National Post cuts to the chase:

But biting isn’t the issue here, is it. Every time I write a column bashing pit bulls, I get that same mantra many times over: “All dogs bite.” Of course they do, but if Cali Leclair had been merely “bitten,” she might have needed a few stitches at most; she certainly wouldn’t be in hospital with a mangled face. What happened to Cali Leclair was a maiming. So the question for Ottawa: Is “any dog” – well-trained or not – capable of a “mauling,” a “maiming,” a “dismemberment” or a “dogbite-related fatality”? These are the categories that constitute public safety hazards, not dog bites. – Barbara Kay

Barbara Kay :: Brilliance and Courage

by colleen lynn.

Courageous writer Barbara Kay of the National Post calls out the pit bull lobby:

The petition against Ms. Biniaz is not a spontaneous phenomenon, but the fruit of a well-oiled, extremely well-funded propaganda campaign by the pit bull advocacy movement (PBAM). The PBAM is wedded to the fiction that the pit bull, sadly victimized by a biased press, is a gentle, affectionate, child-loving dog. They are — until suddenly they aren’t. And nobody knows when or why they will strike with their rending, crocodile teeth and implacable to-the-death grip, except that the answer lies in their genes. The pit bull is a genetically manufactured ambulatory grenade and deserves every bit of condemnation it receives. The PBAM is a powerful lobby group that has successfully coerced complicity in the propagation of pit bull myths from kennel clubs and humane societies, and shamefully misled gullible media. Ms. Biniaz is the best thing to happen for public education about pit bulls in a long time – Barbara Kay