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Thank You Letter :: Colleen Lynn

by colleen lynn.

Dear Colleen Lynn,
Your wisdom and care for people in the midst of aggressive dog issues is so needed in our nation. Thank you for your voice and strong advocacy. Please don’t give up. There are so many people that are quiet and read your blog to keep their heads up. Our family appreciates you and will never forget your help. You spent time to digest our story and give our fears a reality to stand upon. Thank you, thank you! – Erin, Washington

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Wonderful Words :: Robert H. Jackson

by colleen lynn.

The order and progression of an argument are important to its ready comprehension, but in the Supreme Court these are not wholly within the lawyer’s control. It is difficult to please nine different minds, and it is a common experience that questions upset the plan of argument before the lawyer has fairly started. I used to say that, as Solicitor General, I made three arguments of every case. First came the one that I planned – as I thought, logical, coherent, complete. Second was the one actually presented – interrupted, incoherent, disjointed, disappointing. The third was the utterly devastating argument that I thought of after going to bed that night.

-Robert H. Jackson
Advocacy Before the United States Supreme Court
August 23, 1951